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On our website you can purchase a range of superior glass nail files. The crystal glass nail file is made from hardened hand cut crystal glass.  The filing surface of the glass nail file is finely and uniformly roughened due to a unique, patented manufacturing technique. The result? Smoother and healthier nails.

Glass nail files are hardened at the last phase of production to increase mechanical firmness, which gives it an unlimited lifespan on filing surface.

When using other types of files, especially metallic or those made from paper, nails tend to split or even after gentle and regular care they remain brittle and peeling. Regular use of the glass nail file will prevent this from happening.

Compared to ordinary metal files (which often rust) or paper nail files, which always wear out and become gritty and tear, the filling surface of the glass nail file is created right out of the glass nail file body which means they will never go blunt!

It is non-eroding, and non–porous which means it cannot absorb water and form an environment for bacteria or fungus. Making them Super hygienic.

Being made of hardened Crystal - They can be used to file and buff even whilst in the bath or taking a shower.