The secret to beautiful nails

Ordinary nail files create tiny fractures in your nail which can weaken the nail and cause the nail to split and become brittle. Glass files however are so hard, and the filing surface so fine, you can file in any direction without damaging the nail - and they work on both hard and soft nails! They're also superbly gentle and help to shape and smooth your nails.

Variety of options

We offer a variety of options including files in many different colours, files with a laser engraved picture, files decorated with Swarovski crystals, and files customised with the logo of your business. Visit our shop to learn more.

Simple, elegant, classic

Ordinary metal files often rust and paper nail files always wear out and become gritty and tear. But the solution is here with glass nail files. The filing surface of the glass nail file is created right out of the glass nail file body which means they will never go blunt! Simple, elegant nails have never been easier to maintain!

Engraved FilesWe offer nail files laser engraved with a variety of pictures including crown,angel,cross,butterfly,stork, seahorse,shells,roses,dolphins,tulips and stars. Limited stocks

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Custom Logo FilesOn average people file their nails once a week. We offer custom nail files with your message for them to see each time they file their nails. This message can be a simple as a company name, phone number, website, product or service.

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Coloured Nail FilesThe revolutionary crystal Nail File that will never blunt now in a variety of colour combinations! Simply enter your desired colours at checkout. Pink, Blue, Purple, Green Yellow - the choice is up to you! We also offer multi coloured nail files  with a trio of beautiful gems.

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A beautiful design collection to choose from, including files decorated with Genuine Swarovski crystal elements. All hand made in the Czech republic.

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  • Never Blunt Guaranteed
  • Smoother, healthier nails
  • Prevents chipping and splitting with regular use
  • Hygienic and Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all nail types, Acrylic, Gel or Natural
  • All files come with a protective plastic sheath

Gift Box Options

Gift Boxes available in various colours, subject to availability.

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